Conceptual Development of Industrial Product-Service Systems - A model-based Approach

  • Tim Sadek Ruhr-University of Bochum
  • Matthias Köster Ruhr-University of Bochum


The increasing competitiveness of today’s globalised economies and changing customer requirements prompt manufacturers to provide integrated product and service solutions, referred to as Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS²). An IPS² constitutes a customised solution, whereas providing performance is set above the purchase of a mere technical product. It can comprise any combination of product and service shares. Once such an offer is planned, the IPS² concept development phase generates principle solutions that meet customerspecific requirements. This article presents a model-based methodology to support an IPS² designer during the process of generating IPS² concepts in the early phase of IPS² development. This methodical framework and the modelling approach for conceptual IPS² development has been implemented as a computer-aided tool and has been evaluated by solving a typical IPS² issue.

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