Focus and Scope

EMISAJ publishes thoughtful, well-developed articles on all facets of analyzing, designing, investigating, evaluating and applying conceptual models, enterprise models, enterprise and information systems architectures, corresponding modeling languages and modeling methods, and is open to submissions from all scientific disciplines and research fields. The editorial board imposes no restrictions regarding the research paradigm or research method, encourages multidisciplinary research contributions, and welcomes submissions from for-profit, nonprofit and government organizations (see Journal Sections).

The journal will address (but will not limit itself to) the following specific areas:

  • General Purpose and Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
  • Modeling Methods, Metamodeling, Method Engineering
  • Enterprise Architectures, Information Systems Architectures
  • Ontologies and Reference Models
  • Analysis Patterns, Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns
  • Analysis of Conceptual Models and Modeling Languages
  • Evaluation and Quality of Conceptual Models, Architectures, and Languages
  • Model-Driven Development, Models@run-time, Executable Models
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Information Systems Design and Design Methods
  • Information Systems Development Methods and Tools
  • Software Tools for Conceptual and Enterprise Modeling, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Learning and Teaching Conceptual Modeling
  • Applications of Conceptual Modeling in Organizations
  • Innovative Approaches to Conceptual Modeling

EMISAJ is a publisher-independent journal, and is published by the German Informatics Society (GI) and is a publication of its SIG on Modeling Business Information Systems (SIG MoBIS) and its SIG on Design Methods for Information Systems (SIG EMISA).

Advantages of publishing in EMISAJ

  • Fast review cycles with constructive reviews (targeted at 8 weeks per review cycle)
  • Immediate publishing online after acceptance and copyediting
  • No limitation of length of submission (contact the editorial office if >50 pages)
  • True Open Access (no author fees, no exclusive rights to publish)
  • International board of renowned editors
  • Ranked as WKWI JourQual C and by NSD in Norway
  • Indexed by DBLP and EBSCO (further indexing in preparation)
  • Articles reachable via Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • Long-time archiving with Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) by decentralized and distributed preservation

Submitting to EMISAJ

The editorial board invites submissions of these types: Original Research Contribution, Research Note, Industry/Experience Report, Report on Tool and Tool Application, and Reply to a Published Article (see Journal Sections). Manuscripts are prepared using a LaTeX package specific to the journal or by using any other text processing software (see Author Guidelines) and are submitted and published online. 'About the journal’ provides further information about the journal.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Frequency

Starting with Vol. 11 (2016) a rolling publication mode ('publish-as-you-go') will be employed with submissions accepted for publication appearing as soon as the final publication document has been produced. Thus, the publishing cycle is shorter and new research results are available earlier.