Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures

Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures - International Journal of Conceptual Modeling (EMISA) is a scholarly peer-reviewed open access journal with a unique focus on novel and innovative conceptual modelling research and its applications.

Editorial Statement

‘Conceptual Models, Enterprise Models and Information Systems Architectures should be researched from different perspectives, angles, and backgrounds, with a multitude of theoretical and practical lenses and mindsets. We welcome and encourage a broad understanding of Enterprise Modelling research and intend to further its many different facets, theoretical foundation and experiential body of knowledge.’

Focus and Scope

Front cover of EMISAEMISA targets researchers, practitioners and students with an interest in state-of-the-art conceptual modelling research and its applications including the areas listed below. The journal publishes thoughtful, well developed articles on all facets of analysing, designing, investigating, evaluating and applying conceptual models, enterprise models, enterprise and information systems architectures, corresponding modelling languages and modelling methods, and is open to submissions from all scientific disciplines and fields. The editorial board imposes no restrictions regarding the research paradigm or research method, encourages multi- and transdisciplinary research contributions, and welcomes submissions from for-profit, nonprofit and government organisations in a dedicated ‘Experience Report’ section (Download Flyer, Poster).

The journal will address (but will not limit itself to) the following specific areas:

  • General Purpose and Domain-Specific Modelling Languages
  • Modelling Methods, Meta Modelling, Method Engineering
  • Enterprise Architectures, Information Systems Architectures
  • Ontologies and Reference Models
  • Analysis Patterns, Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns
  • Analysis of Conceptual Models and Modelling Languages
  • Evaluation and Quality of Conceptual Models, Architectures, and Languages
  • Model-Driven Development, Models@run-time, Executable Models
  • Software Tools for Conceptual and Enterprise Modelling, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Information Systems Design and Design Methods
  • Information Systems Development Methods and Tools
  • Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture Management

EMISA is a publisher-independent journal, and is published by the German Informatics Society (GI) and is a publication of its SIG on Modelling Business Information Systems (SIG MoBIS) and its SIG on Design Methods for Information Systems (SIG EMISA).

Advantages of publishing in EMISA

Submitting to EMISA 

The editorial board invites submissions of the following types: Original Research Contribution, Research Note, Report on Tool and Tool Application, Practice/Experience Report and Reply to a Published Article (see Journal Sections). Manuscripts are prepared using a LaTeX package specific to the journal or by using any other text processing software (see Author Guidelines) and are submitted online. Follow the 'About' link for further information about the journal, and contact the editorial office in case of a question.

Vol 12 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Michaela Baumann, Michael Heinrich Baumann, Stefan Schönig, Stefan Jablonski
Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis