A Conception of a Presentation Development and Management System Featuring ‘Smart Slides’


  • Ulrich Frank University Duisburg-Essen




This paper presents a conception of a presentation development and management system (PDMS) and a related process model that guides its adequate use. It is inspired by the idea to replace certain graphical representations on presentation slides with diagrams that are constructed with domain-specific modelling languages (DSML) and corresponding model editors. The PDMS features an extensible set of graphical DSML that originate in a method for enterprise modelling. They provide the conceptual foundation for graphical representations that include domain-specific semantics. Specifying DSML and generating code for corresponding model editors is supported by an integrated metamodelling environment. Various DSML can be combined to create interactive, multi-language diagrams. The embedded semantics enables versatile machine analysis and allows for interactive slides. An accompanying compound architecture allows for integrating interactive diagrams with slides that contain traditional types of content such as text or drawings. Furthermore, it provides the conceptual foundation for storing presentations in a steadily growing common repository of organisational knowledge, thereby promoting reuse on various levels of abstraction.






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