Dynamic Binding in a SOA and its Potential Implications on Compliance Verifications

  • Gabriela Loosli University of Bern


An essential characteristic of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is binding at runtime. Different forms of this dynamic binding of services exist. When applying the most far reaching form, there is the risk that because of changes in the inventory of services inside the repository, non compliant services will be automatically selected at runtime. In this regard, non compliant means that not all required regulations are recognised and may therefore be violated. If services are reused in a different context, there are possibly additional regulations to be complied with. Current change management approaches which are based on testing all services and applications before going into production do not solve this problem. As a result, compliance can not be guaranteed in all cases. In this paper, we introduce an approach that seeks to avoid the selection of non compliant services by means of semantic concepts.
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