Competency-Oriented Business Process Analysis - A Model-based Approach

  • Katrina Leyking Institute for Information Systems (IWi) at DFKI GmbH
  • Ralf Angeli IDS Scheer AG


Traditionally, business process analysis is primarily concerned with the identification of structural weaknesses, inefficient capacity utilisation or IT deficiencies. Despite this well-founded knowledge about process performance, and despite the increasingly recognized relevance of human capital for business performance, business process analysis efforts rarely touch human resources – except for downsizing or layoffs. The objective of this paper is to extend traditional business process modelling and business process simulation by competency requirements and their impact on process performance. By doing so, business process performance can be improved through the integration of competency requirements into process design. The approach addresses the need to derive competency requirements from business processes in order to facilitate the alignment of employee competency profiles with business roles (staffing) as well as the effective closure of business-relevant competency gaps through tailored learning processes (business-driven personnel development).
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