Validating the Process-Modelling Practice Model

  • Tom R. Eikebrook University of Agder
  • Jon Iden Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Dag H. Olsen University of Agder
  • Andreas L. Opdahl University of Bergen


The paper revises an existing model of process-modelling practice and uses it in an explorative survey of Norwegian model-based process-change projects. A central hypothesis is confirmed: there is a positive relationship between modelling processes and project outcome, where modelling process is measured in terms of management support, lack of resistance, in-project training and model types. In particular, management support and in-project training are robust predictors of project outcome. Practical and theoretical implications are presented and discussed. Important paths for further work include improving instrument validity and elaborating the research model by including other organisational and social dimensions of process-modelling behaviour and effects. Cross-national studies are also called for.
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