From Requirements to Code: A Conceptual Model-based Approach for Automating the Software Production Process


  • Oscar Pastor PROS Research Centre, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
  • Marcela Ruiz Utrecht University, the Netherlands



Conceptual Modelling, Conceptual Programming, OO-Method, Communication Analysis, Model-Centred Architecture, Model-Based Software Production


Conceptual Models are part of an increasing number of engineering processes. The model driven development approach considers conceptual models as first-class entities and also considers tools, repositories, etc. as models. In order to take full advantage of these ideas, model transformation is a main activity. A sound software production process, conceptual-modelling based, must go from the initial requirements model to the final application code through a well-defined set of conceptual models and transformations between them. Model transformation aims at supporting the production of target models from a number of source models, while keeping a full traceability support. The current paper presents a practical application of these ideas using the Model Centred Architecture contributed by Heinrich C. Mayr. In this line, we present our research efforts on the integration of requirements and executable conceptual models. We reflect on the integration of Communication Analysis (a communication-oriented business process modelling and requirements method) and the OO-Method (an object-oriented model-driven development method).






Invited Contribution