An Approach to Flexible Multilevel Modelling

  • Fernando Macías Bergen University College
  • Adrian Rutle Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Volker Stolz Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria University of Extremadura, Spain
  • Uwe Wolter University of Bergen
Keywords: Multilevel modelling, Model transformation, Graph transformation


Multilevel modelling approaches tackle issues related to lack of flexibility and mixed levels of abstraction by providing features like deep modelling and linguistic extension. However, the lack of a clear consensus on fundamental concepts of the paradigm has in turn led to lack of common focus in current multilevel modelling tools and their adoption. In this paper, we propose a formal framework, together with its corresponding tools, to tackle these challenges. The approach facilitates definition of flexible multilevel modelling hierarchies by allowing addition and deletion of intermediate abstraction levels in the hierarchies. Moreover, it facilitates separation of concerns by allowing integration of different multilevel modelling hierarchies as different aspects of the system to be modelled. In addition, our approach facilitates reusability of concepts and their behaviour by allowing definition of flexible transformation rules which are applicable to different hierarchies with a variable number of levels. As a proof of concept, a prototype tool and a domain-specific language for the definition of these rules is provided.

Research Article