Capability-based Communication Analysis for Enterprise Modelling

  • Oscar Pastor PROS Research Centre, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
  • Marcela Ruiz Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Hasan Koç University of Rostock, Germany
  • Francisco Valverde Universitat de Valencia, Spain
Keywords: Capability-driven Development, Communication Analysis, Enterprise Modelling, Method Integration Framework, Enterprise Context, Variability Analysis


Capability-oriented enterprise modelling can provide effective solutions to face changing business context. In the business domain, the notion of capability has gained a lot of attention since it guides the activities of service specification and design. Simultaneously, the research community has been promoting the integration of model-driven development (MDD) approaches with enterprise modelling to support the link between enterprise and software specifications. This integration has becoming vital to ensure the traceability of enterprise models and software implementations, acceleration of software time to market, quality assurance, and enterprise model evolution support. The capability-driven development (CDD) method has been recently developed and applied in various industrial use cases. But, the link between the CDD method and strong funded MDD approaches has not been explored. In this paper we explore the integration of the CDD method with the Communication Analysis method (a communication-oriented business process modelling method), which is supported by means of MDD frameworks. Among the advantages to add the communicational perspective to the CDD method, we want to highlight the possibility to offer a high level analysis of business process models that focus on the communications between different organisational actors, as so as to offer further transformation facilities into software components. With this integration, we give the first steps to offer automation facilities to capability-driven environments.

Research Article