Bridging the Gap from a Multi-View Modelling Method to the Design of a Multi-View Modelling Tool

  • Domenik Bork University of Bamberg
  • Elmar J. Sinz University of Bamberg


Effectiveness of comprehensive modelling methods considerably benefits by the availability of appropriate tool support. However, there is a significant semantic gap between a multi-view modelling method and the design of a corresponding modelling tool. The paper at hand contributes to bridge that gap by means of explicitly focusing the early steps in the design process of a modelling tool. The approach presented here comprises three steps: Starting with (1) a modelling scenario, which centres the human modeller, (2) a multi-view modelling principle and use cases of the tool are derived and (3) the conceptual design of a multi-view modelling tool is specified. The approach is introduced in an abstract manner before it is applied to a concrete scenario. This scenario is outlined for the Semantic Object Model (SOM) business process modelling method, depicting a straight way to the design of an appropriate multi-view modelling tool.
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