A Maturity Model for Enterprise Data Quality Management

  • Martin Ofner University of St. Gallen
  • Boris Otto TU Dortmund University
  • Hubert Österle University of St. Gallen


Enterprises need high-quality data in order to meet a number of strategic business requirements. Permanent maintenance and sustainable improvement of data quality can be achieved by an enterprise-wide approach only. The paper presents a Maturity Model for Enterprise Data Quality Management (Enterprise DQM), which aims at supporting enterprises in their effort to deliberately design and establish organisation-wide data quality management. The model design process, which covered a period of five years, included several iterations of multiple design and evaluation cycles and intensive collaboration with practitioners. The Maturity Model is a hierarchical model comprising, on its most detailed level, 30 practices and 56 measures that can be used as concrete assessment elements during an appraisal. Besides being used for determining the level of maturity of Enterprise DQM in organisations, the results of the paper contribute to the ongoing discussion in the information systems (IS) community about maturity model design in general.
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